Friday, May 28, 2010



How does it feel
To be mock, tease, hated around

How does it feel
To be taken everything what is yours

How does it feel
To be kick, push, beaten, humiliated

This is a story of a boy in my school
He said, how would you feel if you in my shoes

Why am I treated like that
I know I have no fat like you guys had
But don’t call me a brat
Just tell me if you want my hat

Just please remember
We went to the same school from January to November
Our moms know each other
You should treat me better

I went to school in a moody
But I know what you going to say already
I know everything you going to say about me
I am a kid
I am weak
I do look like a freak
But I do score better than you did

Let me give you a lecture, Let us see the future
Now I am a CEO, but you still moving slow
I am at the top of the pro
You at the bottom like the crow
You can’t pick on me anymore, fools
You don’t know what the f*** I’ve been through

You better start thinking
Stop boasting and pushing
I know you are better than me
But you always fail in biology
If you want to be in the university with me
Then stop bullying me!

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