Friday, May 28, 2010


Did you ever feel like
You are on the stage and everyone is staring at you
Waiting for you to make a move

Did you ever feel like
You are representing your country in a badminton game
The whole country is counting on you

Did you ever feel like
Someone is pointing a gun on your head
Forcing you to give everything as if you have nothing to loose

As if the fate of your dignity, your country, your life, is in your hand
The tense, the pressure, until you can no longer stand
Expecting you to do anything you can
A simple slip you made
People laugh at your mistake
The blame, is yours to take
You could even be shot in the head
And the next thing know, you’re dead
Get scold by your dad, then you’re upset,
You feel so mad, you gave everything you had
Screaming, “I am trying to get a good grade!”

My friends,
This is where we are now, this is where we stand now
This is a different situation
A new stage, a higher level, a crazier destination, the tension
It’s harder, It’s tougher, it’s getting more pressure
With exams and tests we have to take
With assignment and work we have to make
Oh, man! Give me a break!

Deep down below
We’re in a sorrow, our marks are low
We have to face another day tomorrow
We just can’t keep up with the flow

But, it is not too late
We can’t go back, this is the path we take
There is a success we need to make
Our future is at stake, so break a leg
We got to make a move
Either we back out to loose
Or we buck up to improve

Hey, switch on the lights
We are going to stay up night
We’re going to fight and strike
Or we will never get in that flight

We got to plan a plot
Success is our only option, failure is not
So this is our last shot
Feet fail us not, this may be the only opportunity that we got

So, come on bro
It is not the time to lay low
No more time to watch J-lo show
On the HBO
Oh, I forgot, we don’t even have an Astro
Okay, Got to go, See ya’ll tomorrow



How does it feel
To be mock, tease, hated around

How does it feel
To be taken everything what is yours

How does it feel
To be kick, push, beaten, humiliated

This is a story of a boy in my school
He said, how would you feel if you in my shoes

Why am I treated like that
I know I have no fat like you guys had
But don’t call me a brat
Just tell me if you want my hat

Just please remember
We went to the same school from January to November
Our moms know each other
You should treat me better

I went to school in a moody
But I know what you going to say already
I know everything you going to say about me
I am a kid
I am weak
I do look like a freak
But I do score better than you did

Let me give you a lecture, Let us see the future
Now I am a CEO, but you still moving slow
I am at the top of the pro
You at the bottom like the crow
You can’t pick on me anymore, fools
You don’t know what the f*** I’ve been through

You better start thinking
Stop boasting and pushing
I know you are better than me
But you always fail in biology
If you want to be in the university with me
Then stop bullying me!